Edition 26


Cover for Homelands

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Over the past 600 years, European colonial expansion and resource extraction has reshaped the globe, displacing and marginalising myriads of people. Kerb 26 aims to shine a light on landscape architecture's complicity in these global conditions and the prospects of those affected by the Western cultural and economic forces.

Landscape architecture is a discipline produced by Western power structures and modes of authority over space. But, by engaging in careful collaboration, landscape architects could begin to work productively with traditional custodians and other groups that Western societies have previously ignored or, worse, suppressed.

Kerb 26 collects together writings on the global conditions and prospects of fragmented, displaced and marginalised peoples as well as the complex realities of often asymmetric, cross cultural exchange.

Contributors include Revathi Sekhar Kamath, The Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation, Gabriel Díaz Montemayor, Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects, Juliette Anich, Jefa Greenaway, Charles Massy and more.