Expressions of Interest for Kerb 29

Wild: a concept that is at once a romanticised abstraction and an opening into the deepest elements of existence, where we see nature in its rawest form. It is a force of disturbance and surprise, a catalyst for evolution in the natural world.

Yet at this moment a paradox of the 'wild' and 'intellect' is at play on our planet. A discord within a 'so called civilised' understanding of our relationship with the environment.

Rapid urbanisation, human induced climate change, mass extinctions and degraded landscapes are demonstrations of how overarching ideologies of control and order have alienated us from environmental systems. Natural processes are becoming lost in the noise of 'civilisation'.

Ironically, we as environmental manipulators, are confronted with the challenge to foreground natural processes again. We see how we have failed to harmonise the human and the non-human and we are looking to make change. Yet at the same time we are losing our agency to design outside of the known and predictable.

Can wild and imaginative approaches to global crises liberate us from our damaging systems of control?

Kerb 29 welcomes contributions from all disciplines to spark a timely debate around the concept of 'wildness,' asking if, how, and why we should embrace it. Join us on this journey as we prepare to get wild!

We welcome all expressions of interest
Image and text based work
Max 200 words abstract
Due 21st April, 2021
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