Edition 29


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How can reimagining what is 'wild' liberate us from our damaging systems of control?

An expanding array of human-made disturbances confronts our world. We are seeing climate crises, a global pandemic, species extinctions and land degradation, and yet the full extent of humankind's impact on the planet remains uncertain. The systems we have established to civilise and control our environment have distanced us from our landscapes, their non-human inhabitants and each other, leading to unintended but deeply destructive consequences for all.

Kerb 29 examines these systems through the lens of the 'wild'. Turning a critical eye to notions such as the human/wild binary, empty wilderness, 'abandonment' and 'othering', as well as emergent practices in designing with wildness and digital tools, the issue works to re-map our understanding of where our wild places might be, and our place in them.

Contributors include Dermot Foley, Charles Massy, Salad Dressing, Carol Moukheiber, Martin Hogue and more.


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